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The evolution of theory, computer hardware, and commercial software has reached the point where it is now practical to convert theory into quantitative information about industrially important chemicals and chemical processes via Computational Chemistry. This compliments data from experiments and observations, offering the opportunity to greatly accelerate the solution of research problems.

The Key to Connecting Computational Chemistry with Specific Research Objectives, is Recognizing When There is a Critical Molecular Level Question, and Selecting the Most Appropriate Computational Method to Answer That Question.

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Ernest Chamot, PhD

Organic/Computational Chemist

Ernie has years of experience, first combining organic synthesis skills with computational methods as an Industrial Research Chemist with a major petrochemical company, and then as an independent consultant in Computational Chemistry applications. He has extensive experience with Molecular Mechanics, Semiempirical, ab initio Hartree-Fock, and Density Functional methods, and with specialized Catalyst/Sorbent and Polymer modeling software. He has successfully applied these methods to: Catalyst Design, Process Simulation, Quality Control, and Process Instrumentation projects; and to solving problems in the areas of: Separations, Product Selectivity, Byproduct Control, Process Optimization, and Biodegradation. His expertise includes: small molecule, polymer, solids, solvation, reactive intermediate, and transition state modeling; heterogeneous and homogeneous transition metal catalyst modeling; calculation of thermodynamic and kinetic parameters; and calculation of UV and IR spectra and fluorescence wavelengths. Most recently his research has focused on predicting the thermal stability of polymers.

For further information, to explore a consulting relationship, training, or to initiate a contract research project, contact Ernie at:

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Chamot Laboratories, Inc.
530 E. Hillside Rd.
Naperville, Illinois 60540

Chamot Labs can help you integrate Computational Chemistry with your research process.

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