Ernest Chamot, PhD

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Organic/Computational Chemist

Ernie has 17 years of experience as an Industrial Research Chemist with a major petrochemical company, combining organic synthesis skills with computational methods. He has years experience as a Computational Chemist, including years as an independent consultant, providing expertise, training, and contract research in Computational Chemistry Applications. He has extensive experience with:

methods, and with specialized Catalyst/Sorbent and Polymer modeling software. He has successfully applied these methods to:

projects; and to solving problems in the areas of:

His expertise includes:

modeling, and calculation of:

Ernie's recent research has included the development of a theoretical, MOMO method to calculate absolute bond dissociation enthalpies, with sufficient accuracy to predict pure thermal decomposition temperatures of polymers over several orders of magnitude variation in time scale.

For further information see Ernie's Detailed Online Resume , or to initiate a consulting relationship or a contract research project, contact Ernie at:

Phone: Chamot Labs Number
Chamot Laboratories, Inc.
530 E. Hillside Rd.
Naperville, Illinois 60540

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